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Pear Tree Inn St Louis Airport

pear tree inn st louis airport

    pear tree
  • pear: Old World tree having sweet gritty-textured juicy fruit; widely cultivated in many varieties

  • Pear Tree is an inner city suburb of Derby, England. It is situated next to the areas of Normanton, Rose Hill and Osmaston.

  • The pear is a fruit tree of genus Pyrus and also the name of the tree's edible pomaceous fruit. The pear is classified in subtribe Pyrinae within tribe Pyreae and is a perennial. The apple (Malus ? domestica), which it resembles in floral structure, is also a member of this subcategory.

    st louis
  • A city and port in eastern Missouri, on the Mississippi River just south of its confluence with the Missouri River; pop. 348,189. Founded as a French fur-trading post in the 1760s, it passed to the Spanish, the French again, and finally in 1803 to the US as part of the Louisiana Purchase

  • St. Louis ( or ; French: Saint-Louis or St-Louis, ) is an independent city and the second largest city in the U.S. state of Missouri. The city itself has an estimated population of 354,361 and is the principal municipality of Greater St.

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Fontane's Pear tree

Fontane's Pear tree

This pear tree grows in my grandparents' garden and has a bit of a story to tell. My grandparents got it as a thank-you present from some Scottish guests a few years ago. As soon as grand-dad saw it, he started reciting Fontane's poem Sir Ribbeck of Ribbeck in Havelland off by heart, all the way to the end. It's such a beautiful and sad poem and we were all listening in awe.

Now the tree is growing beautifully and already carrying fruit. And I only just found out from my dad that Fontane had some strong links with Scotland. He's been to visit lots of places here including the Hermitage in Dunkeld.

Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland
Theodor Fontane (1819–1898)

Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland,
Ein Birnbaum in seinem Garten stand,
Und kam die goldene Herbsteszeit
Und die Birnen leuchteten weit und breit,
Da stopfte, wenn's Mittag vom Turme scholl,
Der von Ribbeck sich beide Taschen voll.
Und kam in Pantinen ein Junge daher,
So rief er: "Junge, wiste 'ne Beer?"
Und kam ein Madel, so rief er: "Lutt Dirn,
Kumm man rower, ick hebb 'ne Birn".
So ging es viel Jahre, bis lobesam
Der von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck zu sterben kam.
Er fuhlte sein Ende. 's war Herbsteszeit,
Wieder lachten die Birnen weit und breit;
Da sagte von Ribbeck: "Ich scheide nun ab.
Legt mir eine Birne mit ins Grab."
Und drei Tage drauf, aus dem Doppeldachhaus,
Trugen von Ribbeck sie hinaus,
Alle Bauern und Bundner mit Feiergesicht
Sangen "Jesus meine Zuversicht".
Und die Kinder klagten, das Herze schwer:
"He is dod nu. Wer giwt uns nu 'ne Beer?"

So klagten die Kinder. Das war nicht recht -
Ach, sie kannten den alten Ribbeck schlecht;
Der neue freilich, der knausert und spart,
Halt Park und Birnbaum strenge verwahrt.
Aber der alte, vorahnend schon
Und voll Mi?trauen gegen den eigenen Sohn,
Der wu?te genau, was er damals tat,
Als um eine Birn' ins Grab er bat,
Und im dritten Jahr aus dem stillen Haus
Ein Birnbaumspro?ling spro?t heraus.

Und die Jahre gehen wohl auf und ab,
Langst wolbt sich ein Birnbaum uber dem Grab,
Und in der goldenen Herbsteszeit
Leuchtet's wieder weit und breit.
Und kommt ein Jung' ubern Kirchhof her,
So flustert's im Baume: "Wiste 'ne Beer?"
Und kommt ein Madel, so flustert's: "Lutt Dirn,
Kumm man rower, ick gew' di 'ne Birn."

So spendet Segen noch immer die Hand
Des von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland.

by Theodor Fontane

Sir Ribbeck of Ribbeck

Sir Ribbeck of Ribbeck in Havelland—
A pear-tree in his yard did stand;
And in the golden autumn-tide,
When pears were shining far and wide,
Sir Ribbeck, when barely the bells had struck noon,
Would stuff both his pockets with pears right soon.
If a boy in clogs would come his way,
He would call: “My boy, have a pear to-day?”
To a girl he’d call: “Little maid over there,
Now come here to me, and I’ll give you a pear!”
And thus he did ever, as years went by,
Till Sir Ribbeck of Ribbeck came to die.
He felt his end coming; ’twas autumn-tide,
And the pears were laughing, far and wide.
Then spoke Sir Ribbeck: “And now I must die.
Lay a pear in my grave, beside me to lie!”
From the double-roofed house, in three days more,
Sir Ribbeck to his grave they bore.
All the peasants and cotters with solemn face
Did sing: “Lord Jesus, in Thy Grace”—
And the children moaned with hearts of lead:
“Who will give us a pear? Now he is dead.”

Thus moaned the children—that was not good!—
Not knowing old Ribbeck as they should.
Young Ribbeck—alas!—is a miser hard;
Over park and pear-tree he keeps stern guard.
But the old, who this doubtless could foretell,
Distrusting his son—he knew right well
What he was about when he bade them lay
A pear in his grave, on his dying day:
Out of his silent haunt in the third year
A little pear-tree shoot did soon appear.
And many a year now comes and goes,
But a pear-tree on the grave there grows,
And in the golden autumn-tide
The pears are shining far and wide.
When a boy o’er the grave-yard wends his way,
The tree whispers: “Boy, have a pear to-day?”
To a girl it says: “Little maid over there,
Come here to me and I’ll give you a pear!”
So there are blessings still from the hand
Of Sir Ribbeck of Ribbeck in Havelland.

Pear tree

Pear tree

My sister spotted this pear tree in the park where we had Evan's birthday party yesterday.

Of course, being an old Italian grandma in the making, she had to pick several pears and shove them in her purse for later.

pear tree inn st louis airport

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